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Welcome to the Marine Depot Knowledge Base
This Knowledge Base is home to countless educational articles, frequently asked question, how to articles for setting up a new aquarium, and even features a section where you can submit your question to our team of experts.
Most Popular Articles... Last Modified
The Fundamentals of Live Rock in Aquascaping by Mike Paletta 1/12/2012
How to Setup a Refugium by Daniel S., Reef Squad 10/15/2010
How to Get Rid of Reef Aquarium Pests by Scott Brang, Reef Squad 10/26/2012
How to Plumb an Aquarium Sump or Wet/Dry Filter System by Keith MacNeil, Reef Squad 3/31/2010
How to Mix Saltwater and Perform a Water Change (updated 8/3/10) by Scott Brang, Reef Squad 3/14/2013

Latest Additions... Last Modified
I have a pond which had 13 goldfish/koi in it all about 4 yrs old,I added 2 new ones within 2 wks all the fish died. when I cleaned the pond I saw long worms still alive in the bottom. I empied my pond cleaned it and put water in it, but after it rained I noticed I still had a long worm still alive... 5/19/2014
Need a little help. I have been thinking of changing out my filter socks in my sump and replacing it with rock. I change and clean my filter socks every 3 to 4 days and it is a pain if you know what I mean. If changing to rock is not beneficial than what can I do? 5/19/2014
My business has a large reef tank that I "inherited" the upkeep and maintenence on two years ago, a very educational experience. It is a large triangular shape acrylic tank approx. 60x55x70 and 48 inches deep. I currently use two 15k metal halide, one blue and one white fluor. for lighting. I would... 3/7/2014
Hi I want to replace my 3- 250 metal halides with LEDs on a 120 gallon mixed reef setup. The tank is 6feet long and 18inches deep. Want to get rid of the hood also. What do you suggest? thanks 1/29/2014
Items needed for a Marine Fish aquarium 1/27/2014