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Q10249 - FAQ: How can I learn more before I buy?
There is a seemingly limitless amount if information available today to help the new aquarist in their effort to set up an aquarium. My first recommendation to anyone considering setting up an aquarium for their first time is to buy a good book structured towards the entry level aquarist. A quick read before you make any decisions will save you countless amounts of time, energy, and expense. The internet is also a great resource to anyone getting into the hobby. From chat boards and forums where you can speak with experienced aquarists to get first hand knowledge and recommendations to online education centers designed to answer your every question. Spend some time on the internet. Spend sometime browsing this education center and the attached resources such as the forum and educational articles section. You have nothing to lose by taking your time and getting all the information you can before you dive into setting up your first tank. Try some of the links provided below.

Marine Depot Forum
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