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Freshwater Page 1 of 16 - 157 articles found
How can i remove my submerisble header from suckcion cup holder When i melted holder a little to heater without breaking heater thank you 1/10/2014
How to lower my ph @7.8 to 7.3 1/2/2014
Thinking about purchasing a 3 gallon tank. What type of Betta fish would be good, and would I need a filter? 5/7/2013
I recently purchased a canister filter and I cant figure out how to put it together? Is there any possibility of me bringing it to your store so someone can help me put it together so I can start my fresh water 72 gallon bowfront tank? Thank you! 9/10/2012
We just got our powerheads from marine depot. zoomedpowersweep 226 max 19,the air flow is really poor, there is water in the plastic tube, which is slowing down the air flow, we have tried several things, but it hasnt worked, any suggestions? 7/31/2012
I purchased the Inn. Marine 30gal. Mini Nuvo, tank and stand (have not yet received). First time aquarium owner. Can you please advise on what items and supplies I will need that are not included in this package. I have been collecting many articles, reading up on getting started. But thought I shou... 7/31/2012
I have the Auquatic Life 100GPD RO Deluxe system and it flows slowly. Ive had it going since yesterday to fill my 120G tank and there may be 15G in there. Im wondering if there is a trouble shooting guide? I placed the unit under my kitchen sink. Ran filtered water through the wall and placed a T to... 2/15/2012
hi please could you advise me ,i have a 125 juwel fish tank ,is it better to have the flow of filter on full all the time .thanks lynda 1/9/2012
Most algae solutions you talk about are for reef/marine aquariums. What about fresh water algae? My 150-gal frshwater tank (cycled 3 months ago) has lots of algae. My nitrate level is about 40ppm and nitrite level is 0 ammonia is 0. Ph is 6.8, and the algae is growing quite well. I have approx 30 fi... 11/17/2011
I have a rain soft water softener for my house and was wondering if that would affect the RO DI system? The softener does require the use of salt. 10/13/2011
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