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where in line to put cloramine filter in RO/DI 4/3/2015
What happened to the forum? There was a lot of great information about corals and reef tanks. I am looking for the old posts from Eric Bornean, Anthony Calfo and others. Thanks 1/6/2015
how do I get rid of out of control pulsating zenia 9/26/2014
My Tangs are loosing their fins. I have been researching online and what I am seeing does not fit what I see on my tangs. There is no indication of fin rot as I read about it. What might it be? Have images but wasnt able to attache here, can to a email response. Thanks, Steve 9/26/2014
how do you sex the dusky jaw fish? 9/26/2014
I have two Sunpaq 2/96 watt retrofit drivers for my lighting system. I need to replace them because they are old, and not working properly anymore. However, I can not find them anywhere. Do you have any suggestions? 9/26/2014
Need a little help. I have been thinking of changing out my filter socks in my sump and replacing it with rock. I change and clean my filter socks every 3 to 4 days and it is a pain if you know what I mean. If changing to rock is not beneficial than what can I do? 5/19/2014
My business has a large reef tank that I "inherited" the upkeep and maintenence on two years ago, a very educational experience. It is a large triangular shape acrylic tank approx. 60x55x70 and 48 inches deep. I currently use two 15k metal halide, one blue and one white fluor. for lighting. I would... 3/7/2014
Hi I want to replace my 3- 250 metal halides with LEDs on a 120 gallon mixed reef setup. The tank is 6feet long and 18inches deep. Want to get rid of the hood also. What do you suggest? thanks 1/29/2014
I have a 90 reef tank with various fish, corals and anenomes and want to switch to a 92 gal. corner tank (or possibly downsizing to a 50+/- gal corner) and need a new hood. Could I use my hood that I use to grow my hyonic vegetables with? I have bulbs (can only use one at a time,) at 1000 Watt High... 1/20/2014
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